Monday, March 9, 2009

Springs Debut

This weekend, to my surprise, was above 50 degrees! Because of the warmth, I remembered that I am not a recluse. I do enjoy being active and social. The Husband, Biscuit, Sammy and I all went to the park and played for a couple hours.

Sammy was very well behaved (on her leash). I think she was happy to see other dogs and mark her territory in new and exciting places – What a life.

Then, after playtime in the park, we went out for dinner and drinks. I think I have seasonal socialization disorder. I only leave my house when it’s warm.

(Side note I had my winter coat on all night. It may be comfortable weather but It takes a good couple months for my bones to warm up from the deep freeze)

Now, a note to mother nature, I can’t tolerate teasing. Please maintain an above freezing temperature until the end of fall, when I will again go into hiding.

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