Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beautiful People Portrait Series - Part 5

Part 5 in my series is dedicated to my always beautiful older sister. Monkers has always been exponentially more beautiful than she thinks she is. Her beauty is effortless. While I have to spend an hour in the mirror, putting the package together, she looks best au natural. If you don't get lost in her big blue eyes, her engaging manner will draw you in. I think she is a storyteller by nature, her expressions, energy and excitement turn even a boring car trip into a song.

If you ever get invited to her house, don't decline. She has a way of dotting on you and putting you at ease, maybe it's the glass of wine she has ready for your arrival!

She has always been paving the road, teaching me as I follow behind her.

Beautiful even candid


Scientifically stylish

because we all share the same gene pool
Picture 397

Standing up for me at my wedding (notice my beautiful sister-in-law in the background)

Stolen from her wedding album because she made such a BEAUTIFUL bride

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beautiful People Portrait Series - Part 4

I wonder if my beautiful sisters even read my blog. If they do, like any good sister would, I wonder if they are nervous about their picture being posted on the Internet for the world to see. They shouldn’t be, mostly because they are beautiful, but also because I have only a handful of loyal readers.

Speaking of loyal readers, who is Stephen? Padre, my finger is pointed at you.

Ok, back on track.

Today, a visual ode to a beautiful Biscuit. Not only does my younger sister have the hair, grace and sense of style that makes me green, but she also embodies a laugh-until-you-pee sense of humor. Couple that with her underappreciated cooking skills and care giving nature and it appears the family gene scales were tipped in her favor.

At the fair, being corn-ey
Fun at the fair

Diva-licious – She is in her favorite place, on stage, with a drink in hand.

Just lounging in the back yard – This was not posed. Seriously she’s weird.

Showing off her beautiful melons. And you should know, she loves her melons:
Picture 108

On the edge of the world:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beautiful People Portrait Series part 3

Part 3 in a series of portraits that best showcase the many facets to the beautiful people in my life.

Momma T (AKA TNT Dyn-o-mite) is not only the matriarch of our clan, but also the humor, spontaneity and  spice. It's always more fun with Momma T around. Plus she is a nurse so she's good to have around in a pinch. It's amazing the sense of calm and purpose that comes over her in an emergency.

On vacation.

In costume for my 80's themed roller-skating party.
Picture 055

At my bachelorette party (it wouldn't have been as wild without her!) Oh and notice the pin she is wearing, so funny.

This must be right after she said "Isn't this so much fun my Marci!!!!" 
Picture 434

Being supportive.
Picture 267

The mix master emcee.
Picture 361

She teaches me a new way to be beautiful every day!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beautiful People - Portrait Series 2

Part 2 in a series of portraits that best showcase the many facets to the beautiful people in my life.

The elusive Padre. He almost hates his picture taken as much as I do. I think it is because we are similarly inclined to be behind the camera.

Boating (notice the camera in his hand, what did I tell ya..)

Picture 280

Eating chocolate (what else)


Dressed to kill

Picture 105

Rollerskating -  I can't believe he puts up with us, but he does with a smile)

Picture 097

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beautiful People - Portrait Series

I’m was flipping through my THOUSANDS of photos on flickr the other day and admiring how beautiful my family is. In celebration of them, I’m going to do a portrait series. Each week (maybe twice a week) I will find the pictures that best showcase the many facets to the beautiful people in my life.

First and foremost, the Husband.




Txt mch?

Loving the wuppiest puppy


Bringing home the bacon


Mischievous - This one might be my favorite because I know what is lurking behind that innocent look....