Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beautiful People Portrait Series part 3

Part 3 in a series of portraits that best showcase the many facets to the beautiful people in my life.

Momma T (AKA TNT Dyn-o-mite) is not only the matriarch of our clan, but also the humor, spontaneity and  spice. It's always more fun with Momma T around. Plus she is a nurse so she's good to have around in a pinch. It's amazing the sense of calm and purpose that comes over her in an emergency.

On vacation.

In costume for my 80's themed roller-skating party.
Picture 055

At my bachelorette party (it wouldn't have been as wild without her!) Oh and notice the pin she is wearing, so funny.

This must be right after she said "Isn't this so much fun my Marci!!!!" 
Picture 434

Being supportive.
Picture 267

The mix master emcee.
Picture 361

She teaches me a new way to be beautiful every day!

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Stephen said...

My favorite is the one that you took of her years ago when you were taking's the head shot where she is in her bedroom by the window. love that one