Friday, February 27, 2009

how fickle

Vegas, you are a fickle lady.
Sometimes I can't win your favor, no matter what. I've angered you.
Then it's as if I don't exist to you, despite the scene I cause.
Other times, you treat me like your golden child and layer on all the favors of your attention.

Can you let me know ahead of time next time so I can be more prepared?

Friday, February 20, 2009


Oh how I hate being sick, loathe it. The sickness takes over your body, your mind, your house, your life.

I was down and out with the flu this past week. I’m not talking about a bug that forces you to loose a day or two to sleep. I’m talking so much pain that even Theraflu (my put me to sleep medicine of choice) wouldn’t knock me out. The body aches were so bad I thought I had suddenly developed arthritis. My skin was so sensitive that I cringed at the thought of moving—one minute I was frozen through to the core, the next sweating like a menopausal woman with hot flashes. Then there was the sinus congestion that gave me migraine-grade headaches.

So now that I’m about 75% back to healthy, I’m down in the dumps. It probably has everything to do with the fact that I spent most of a week trapped in my house without the energy to move, but I also blame the weather, that and my incredibly dirty house. The house has been a mess since we got back from our honeymoon but Husband has been doing his best to make a dent.

One thing that made me happy through my days on the couch was the Denny's commercial - I just wondering who got to be the Ad person that came up with that idea and even better, who got to puppeteer the banana?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shout out to Cheryl in Nigeria

So I received this email the other day from my friend Cheryl…..


How are you?.......I hope you are having a wonderful day, well i must say that i am sorry if you think this may be bothering to you but i have no choice at this point in time, I am currently in a west African country Nigeria as i traveled there for meeting, sorry and accept my apology that i didn't inform you that i was traveling , I am currently having some problems at the moment, When i came down from the airport i flagged a Cab to take me to the nearest hotel which i paid for before i entered. But to my utmost surprise when i got to the hotel and was about checking in, I noticed my wallet (which contained my passport,ATM card, some money and other valuables) was not with me again. I talked to the Hotel manager who out of pity saw that i was a foreigner allowed me with the condition that i would pay before he allows me take any of my belongings out when i want to finally leave. I explained to him that i would contact my friends and families to help me.
Can you help me out with some money? i need $2,500.00
I am currently very broke and the pay day from the deal i am having is scheduled for this next month end…..

The email goes on with instructions on how to send the money via Western Union. I have seen these types of emails before, where the scammer fakes the return address based on someone’s email in your address book.

So I take the email and forward it to Cheryl:
Check out this email – It says it’s from you but I don’t think so

Imagine my surprise at the following response:

I sent you the mail and it is real.Please there is no where i can go right now, help me with $2,500.00 for the hotel bills and a flight ticket to get me back home. I will refund your money when i get back home.
God will bless as you help me out.

At this point they have sucked me in – are you kidding me. Do you scammer think I am this dumb OR this rich??
My response:
Hmm, Doesn’t sound like the Cheryl I know – Good luck.

Another response from the scammer who is now addressing me by name:
Hey Marci,

I know this is very hard but you have to believe me. It is me Cheryl, please this is the time i need you most..
I beg of you to help me out..

Seriously scammer, come on! (In hindsight I might be as dumb as they think because I didn’t just ignore the stupid scammer, I had to respond so they now have my name and email).
Ok how do we know each other?

Marci..We are friends for God sake why are acting way..

Gotta love that the scammer is trying to call me out in broken English.
This is my last email that did not garner a response from the scammer:
Ha, Ha, stumped you!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I hear your "husband" and raise you one lie

I’ve noticed I go out of my way to say the word “husband lately”. It’s as if I’m testing it out, seeing how it flows in conversation— gauging reactions.

At the vet the other day I even lied about something so I could try it out. A woman mentioned that her husband is allergic to cats. Something about her saying husband triggered something in me "OH i can use that word too." I thought.

I responded that MY husband said he was allergic to cats also, but it turns out he’s not as I nodded to Franklin spilling off my lap.

Ok so here's the odd part. The husband never said he was allergic to cats. Turns out I wanted to take her “husband” statement and match it but I guess I had to LIE to do that???

I half expected her to call me out, but not about the lie, about he husband part.... “You don’t have a husband.” or “You’re too young to be married.” is more what I expected. I was actually quite taken aback when she regarded what I said as normal conversation.

Forget the part that for some reason the only way I could work the word husband into conversation was to totally lie - hmm that came way too natural to me.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wedding Part 2

So I thought for sure I would calm down after the ceremony. Well my body decided that all of the nervous energy had to come out somehow. That turned into a small crying fit – let me paint the picture….

Before going into the reception, my sisters were going to bustle my dress. About the time they are fighting with the dress behind me. I let loose and start crying. Meg is rubbing my arms and trying to calm me down while Mandy is focused on the job at hand under my dress. Eventually Mandy stands up and yells “I DID IT. Look how good it looks”. Meg breaks away from me and yells at Mandy “WE did it, I helped!” I just start laughing through my tears. That is the typical dynamic between the three of us.

The reception flew by in a blink. The whole night I didn’t go without a drink in my hand. We danced, I tried to say hello to everyone, we danced more and the lights came on. Before I knew it I was a little drunk and it was time to go.

The hotel bar was closed so we headed over to a local bar – I always swore I didn’t want to be that bride at the bar sloppy drunk in my wedding dress but I was having WAY too much fun and I wasn’t ready for it to end. I put my snow boots back on and headed over to the bar. I was so excited I started running – not a good idea……Slip and suddenly I was looking up at my sister from the sidewalk – IN MY WEDDING DRESS. I landed sprawled out, face down in the snow. My new husband was at my side before I finished falling. It had to be a hilarious sight. Luckily I wasn’t too injured and the dress didn’t show any distress.

By the time I was at the bar, with what little I’d eaten, I was well past my way to drunk. We were there about an hour before I took my husband home and evidently announced to the bar we were going to have sex. I bet mom and dad loved that one.

The next morning I had a hell of a hangover and a missing husband. I think he was scared of my wrath because he had not yet packed a thing and we had to leave at 11:00.

I would have probably been more sad over seeing everyone leave if I didn’t have a KILLER hangover to keep me occupied. Mom and Dad drove us to the airport where we headed off to Costa Rica.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Wedding - Part 1

The wedding was awesome. I can’t believe it turned out so well. So many of the things I decided upon where in a vacuum. I am not the type that has a vision of how things will or should look. Instead, I was more “I like this” and “ok that will be fine”.

My sisters and a couple friends spent the night with me at the hotel after the rehearsal dinner. The day of the wedding we just lounged around and didn’t even start to get ready until 12:00. My mom, aunt and two cousins came up and hung out while we all got ready.

Somehow I ended up with a Something old, new, borrowed and blue.
The something old was one of my Grandma Terrett's hankies
The something new and blue was a hankie Meg bought me in barcelona
The something borrowed was my mom's wedding band I wore on my right hand
Another something blue was the garter from my bachalorette party - I had to hold those hankies somewhere!

I LOVED getting dressed up and seeing my girls all dressed up. I personally think I had one of the best looking wedding parties ever, bias included.

The pictures (all 1000 of them) are now online at

The entire weekend was a crazy mix of emotions. I know people say that, but here’s what I mean. I was overcome with all the emotions that are natural uppers – anxiety, excitement, nervousness, anticipation and anything else that keeps you flying high. At one point I thought my heart was going to explode. I remember trying to mentally slow my heat beat down because I was fearing for my health!

When Kelli opened the doors to the church I was immediately intimidated. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t all the people. My dad must have read my mind because he said, “There are a lot of people”.

Once I got to the front, I was so happy to be there with Jonathan. He looked great and was a calming force. I just told myself to keep looking at him and ignore the hundred of people watching us!

My heart was still pounding at an uncontrollable pace but when I went to say my vows I was taken aback by how strong and clear my voice was “good” I thought, “no one has any clue the craziness going on inside”.

The ceremony was perfect, not too formal or impersonal. Carol Boyd, the minister did a beautiful job of capturing our dynamic and the sentiment of our marriage.