Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wedding Part 2

So I thought for sure I would calm down after the ceremony. Well my body decided that all of the nervous energy had to come out somehow. That turned into a small crying fit – let me paint the picture….

Before going into the reception, my sisters were going to bustle my dress. About the time they are fighting with the dress behind me. I let loose and start crying. Meg is rubbing my arms and trying to calm me down while Mandy is focused on the job at hand under my dress. Eventually Mandy stands up and yells “I DID IT. Look how good it looks”. Meg breaks away from me and yells at Mandy “WE did it, I helped!” I just start laughing through my tears. That is the typical dynamic between the three of us.

The reception flew by in a blink. The whole night I didn’t go without a drink in my hand. We danced, I tried to say hello to everyone, we danced more and the lights came on. Before I knew it I was a little drunk and it was time to go.

The hotel bar was closed so we headed over to a local bar – I always swore I didn’t want to be that bride at the bar sloppy drunk in my wedding dress but I was having WAY too much fun and I wasn’t ready for it to end. I put my snow boots back on and headed over to the bar. I was so excited I started running – not a good idea……Slip and suddenly I was looking up at my sister from the sidewalk – IN MY WEDDING DRESS. I landed sprawled out, face down in the snow. My new husband was at my side before I finished falling. It had to be a hilarious sight. Luckily I wasn’t too injured and the dress didn’t show any distress.

By the time I was at the bar, with what little I’d eaten, I was well past my way to drunk. We were there about an hour before I took my husband home and evidently announced to the bar we were going to have sex. I bet mom and dad loved that one.

The next morning I had a hell of a hangover and a missing husband. I think he was scared of my wrath because he had not yet packed a thing and we had to leave at 11:00.

I would have probably been more sad over seeing everyone leave if I didn’t have a KILLER hangover to keep me occupied. Mom and Dad drove us to the airport where we headed off to Costa Rica.


Cheryl said...

Awesome, I am glad I'm not the only one who wiped out, the thought of you in your wedding dress going down is classic!

Mandy Terrett said...

She just stayed there face down in the mush and said, "uh ooh" like she was in so much trouble! I laughed so hard. Best Marci wipe out ever! (or should I say so far!)

Anonymous said...

Now those are some wedding-day events you will never forget, yet... you may decide to leave out a couple details when talking with your grand kids one day ;) -Phil