Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby Bit is 23 weeks along

So it's been almost 6 months now so I know it's time for an update. I'll start with some things that I've learned thus far.

Lessons that pregnancy has taught me thus far.

You can never pee on too many sticks when doing so makes that sweet positive sign. It’s like getting a “GREAT JOB” every time.

My husband can’t keep a secret.

The only thing that sucks worse than constant nausea is when it is coupled with fatigue.

My body is no longer under my control – tired? Forget the caffeine and Redbull, just sleep. Allergies? Deal with it. Hungry? THERE IS NO IGNORING IT! In the middle of a meeting? The gas and burps can not be contained.

My body is no longer recognizable– currently my breasts are being consumed by giant areolas that I can’t help but stare at in fascination. You could bounce a quarter off my stomach, which despite all my vain efforts has never been a flat, tight surface.

Knowing is different than experiencing. You can absorb as much information as other Moms, the Internet, your sister and Doctors are willing to tell you, but not until you have experienced any of it do you have a strong realization that words fall short and the descriptions of things like morning sickness and pregnancy fatigue are akin to describing a bullet wound as a scratch.

I am tired of being “cute”. I suddenly empathize with any adult that has a cherubic face, kid-like features or any other quality that one might describe as such.How are you supposed to feel good about yourself when you are just so DARN CUTE! I know there could be worse things but PLEASE the next time you see me, don't say I look CUTE. Any other positive reinforcement will suffice. If it isn't positive, be prepareed. I have discovered hormones make me disgustingly passive aggressive.

And finally on a positive note - Actually SEEING the baby move is one of the most amazing things I’ve witnessed thus far.

Things Husband has learned:

Do not hide chocolate from your pregnant wife.

Do not reference your pregnant wife’s moodiness by saying you hope she gets something to eat soon.

Be careful how you reference your pregnant wife's current size. No matter how positive you paint the picture she will hone in on the word BIG.

There really is something growing in my belly (besides my appetite) He saw it kick this week.

Friday, August 5, 2011


I'm sorry, I know I haven't posted much but consider it a sign of a busy summer. I can't believe how fast it's gone already.

July was a blur kicking off with the annual 4th of July BBQ. Then there was a weekend in Cleveland for two bridal shower's. The following weekend the wedding parties continued with Mo's bachalorette party, a canoeing/cabin weekend. Quickly after that was a family vacation to Dale Hollow, where Mellow Yellow was the star (not breaking down once). While we were skiing and relaxing, Sammy enjoyed adventures being boarded at Doggie Day Care. When she came home we thought she might be sick because we'd never seen her SO EXHAUSTED. No time to relax when we got home from Vacation because it was time for a family get together on the other side of the Fam the last weekend in July.

The blur of July bled into August as we celebrated Momma T's 60th. Happy Birthday Momma, you are beautiful!

Of course all of these events should garner independent blog posts, but honestly I can't find the TIME!

To compound all of this craziness, I still haven't written an announcement post that I AM PREGNANT. Of course, I was planning to announce it with much more fan-fare, especially considering all the time I spent writing about our infertility struggles. There was so much to say at a time when I wasn't telling anyone. The fear of miscarriage, the excitement of success, the planning. I would have written it and posted it all later but the nausea and fatigue drained every good intention from me. Then suddenly I was feeling better and the summer rush was upon me.

Don't worry, many of my upcoming posts will focus on the awe, excitement, utter fascination and HUMOR this experience has brought us. I keep delaying those posts because, as I mentioned, I wanted to ANNOUNCE it first. So consider this The Announcement! BabyBit, is due on Christmas Day, with hopes that he/she will decide to come earlier or later so it's birthday is not overshadowed by Kris Kringle and decorated evergreens.

Internet - meet BabyBit: