Friday, September 23, 2011

Letters to Baby Bit

Dear Baby Bit

I guess it make sense that I pick back up writing to you as your kicks and punches demand my attention throughout the day. I smile to myself as I feel you turn over, hopefully finding a cozy position. Most of the time, your movement makes me smile, but sometimes my bladder is full and you poke, poke, poke it. I get that you don't know that I am currently in the car and can’t get to the bathroom.

My belly is getting so big, it's hard to believe its possible. Everyone is anxious to find out if you are a boy or a girl. In the beginning, everyone was convinced you were a boy. Now it seems that people have their money on a girl. Everything I do is analyzed as clues to your gender. I eat sweets, you are a girl. I am irritable, you are a girl. I am carrying in front, you are a girl. I have always thought you would be a boy just because I can imagine a little toe-headed version of your father running around, but then last night I had a dream that you were a baby girl with a head full of hair. We talk about your features. The ultrasound showed that you’ll probably have your dad’s nose (lucky you!). I think you will favor your Dad’s family. Only time will tell.

You cousin is due this month and Uncle Meg is very ready to meet the new baby. There is so much going on right now as the whole family gets ready for your arrival.

Love you,

Here you are at 27 weeks:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Husband vs The Bees

Since my drinking shenanigans have been curtailed, we have found other ways to entertain ourselves. Below is my documentation of the Husband taking care of the bee's nest. While typically we would not resort to KILLING the bees, they pissed us off enough that we meant business.

Oh and keep in mind that this is taking place in the dead heat of summer.