Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Cat

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Christmas is his favorites. So many boxes to lounge in, so little time.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

I love Christmas. The anticipation is half the fun. Today is a special day. One that I share with Biscuit. Husband even asked me last night, "are you going to call her, or wait for her to call you?"

I know right now, at 9:30AM, she hasn't even cracked a crusty eyelid. I'll have to wait to call her. When we do finally talk to each other, the conversation will go something like this.

"Do you know what today is?"

And then in highpitched unison

It reminds me of when we were little and the anticipation of the big day was so much, your heart could explode just from thinking about all the posibilities of what Santa would bring.

My wish for you this christmas, all the heart-bursting anticpation you can handle and a christmas full of possiblities.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Poultry Fodder

On my way into work this morning, I was hurrying to get inside and out of the cold when I heard a noise. I did a double take as I saw a big bird walking alongside the building. It wasn’t the typical duck or goose that you see frequenting the office park, but a giant turkey!

I almost wanted to stop and ask him how he survived thanksgiving in THIS economy when I saw someone in my periphery. The guy behind me didn’t even look up at the large bird heading our way. In an attempt to seem as un-phased as he was, I continued into the building.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve NEVER seen a TURKEY wondering around in the city. Once in WV, on a farm, yes. But seeing them as I walk into the office??

I asked the guy incredulously, “was that a turkey?”
He confirmed and proceeded to tell me that usually there are a group of them. -----Side note, that got me wondering what you call a group of turkeys, a brood, a cackle? Any guesses without googling?

He offered his opinion on the matter, which validated my initial reaction since he has also pondered their presence. He thought they were drawn to their reflection in the side of the building.

This reminded me of when Franklin was a kitten. I lived in an apartment at the time, so I had no control over some things. In particular, those lovely mirrored sliding closet doors. Well Franklin would run like a crazy cat all through the house, literally bouncing off the walls of each room, until he caught a glimpse of his reflection. He would stop abruptly, staring at the stranger cat, immediately puffing up and arching his back. In the puffed up, arched back state, he assumed the stranger cat was in the same defensive state. He would hiss at the stranger cat, who refused to back down, and run through the rest of the house.

Franklin was only about 6lbs when he would do this. Harmless compared to the rafter of giant turkeys. (did you notice I just gave away the answer to my question? Real subtle, I know.)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This year with Thanksgiving so late, Christmas arrived like an impatient party guest. I’m answering the door with a towel covering my wet head and appetizers still in the oven. Um, go ahead and make yourself at home, but I’m not READY.

It’s been about 7 years in the making but Husband and I have set expectations with our families. Christmas Eve belongs to Husband’s Mom and extended family, Christmas Morning along with the champaign breakfast belongs to my family, and Christmas night belongs to Husbands dad’s family. Somewhere in there, we exchange our gifts and take care of Sammy.

In years past, Christmas Eve has been at Husband’s Mom’s house. It is always a great time. This year, we get the opportunity to host it at our house. It will be an open house of sorts, where people come and go at all hours of the evening. We’ll have food and drink for all. Husband is most excited to make a Wassail (a warm spiced alcoholic drink). I was looking on my grocery list this morning and it says “wassail makins” followed by the ingredients with exact measurements. Also on the list, exactly as written: *Need reusable tea bag HA! (Cheese Cloth?).

Let’s hope it tastes as good as he expects. We can raise a glass to a new tradition.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Busy December

Yes, it has been awhile. I'm all a mess because I don't have a routine right now. I'm officially through day two at the new job.

It's crazy to think that there are only two weekends until Christmas. I'm lucky that the time off between jobs allowed me to get the majority of my christmas shopping done.

The new job has a 'white elephant' gift exchange on Thursday that I'm little hestitant about. I mean, how funny can you be when you don't know anyone that well? What's funny to me, may be deamed inappropriate to some (ok to most). Right now, just trying not to make any waves, so the big phalic shaped ornament will have to wait till next year.

So just know that the posts will be a little light this month, until I find my new rhythm.

Side note:
I just discoverd that the new christmas saying Husband has been trying to make trendy "sooo Tinsel" was STOLEN from a disney tv show.