Friday, May 22, 2015

My girls

Sometimes I can’t believe I’ve only been a mom for less than four years. I can’t imagine these little girls not being a part of our lives. I have a hard time even remembering when it was just Caroline. What a great balance these two souls are for each other.
My introverted Caroline is so studious and fiercely independent. She is such a small little thing, overwhelmed by her waist-long poker-straight blond locks (I really should get her hair cut!) She may be quiet, but she is fierce. She reminds me daily that she “can do it myself, momma!”  She’ll scream at me to LEAVE when I attempt to open her closet and help her pick out a dress. And OHHHH the dresses. I can’t figure out why she loves certain ones more than others. Jonathan bought her a new pretty dress at Target, and it has become an ongoing negotiation to get her to put it on. The winning compromise was “just try it on and see if it fits. If it doesn’t fit, I’d take it back to the store.” Well, it fit (and was so pretty), but she didn’t stick to her side of the deal and is insisting I take it back.

Maggie is as social as they come. When we have people over, she will scream bloody murder when its time for bed. Many a guest have looked at me sideways when I say over her wailing, “she’ll be asleep in two minutes.” Sure enough, I rarely get down the stairs before she’s out. She just is experiencing FOMO at a very young age.  Her politician ways extend to the grocery store. As I push her in the cart, she waives at every shopper, ignoring their disinterest, saying “Hiiiii” in her own singsong way. She is also much more of a daredevil than her cautious big sister. She’ll plummet down the slide face first with big grins and giggles before I can catch my breath.  
She has the same golden blond locks as her sister with a mischievous curl haphazardly thrown in. It is just at the length where it looks wild all the time, or maybe that’s just her normal expression.  She is so tall in contrast to Caroline’s petite stature that I get asked if they are twins.
Its not to say that this isn’t a tough age – they are both very demanding.  Every other sentence out of Caroline’s mouth is “watch dis momma”. And I want to give her my undivided attention, but dishes, laundry, dinner, the dog, the cat and oh yeah, Maggie is off having an experiment somewhere with a waffle and the dogs water bowl.

Maggie is also at the age that she is always frustrated that I don’t know what she wants. She can’t communicate, but she understands. There is a lot of pointing, grunting and guesswork on my end. I usually guess wrong (sometimes intentionally because NO you can’t want that giant can of shaving cream…) which results in full on meltdown, head on floor and screaming. All the while, Caroline has mastered the task of ignoring her sister, and is all ‘watch dis momma’ as she spins around. As someone who works hard to give everyone undivided attention, I’ll admit, it’s a daily struggle.
But on the days when I can forget all the stuff and really not care....we dance! And we rock.