Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Moo

Margaret Maggie Moo, Magster, Maggie Moo Moo, The Moo,

 Happy birthday my baby girl. I was lying in bed last night trying to remember you as a little baby and I can’t. It seems like you were always this wild, determined, social, hilarious toddler.

Birthdays always give me the chance to reflect on how awesome you are RIGHT NOW. Especially because I know how quickly this will all change and there will be new things to love and obsess over. These are the things that make my heart sing when I think about you, two-year-old Maggie.

 I love the way your nose scrunches up when you laugh really hard. I love when you surprise me with the pronunciation of a new word (currently my favorite is 'owl', said with two syllables, the emphasis on the second).  I love how much you love to hide. I love that hiding means burying your face in the closest person or piece of furniture. I love that when you hide, you are the stillest toddler that ever existed. It really makes you a good hider, until I walk past and you giggle. I love that you like to be scared. If I jump out and scare Dada (which I’ve been known to do) I know you’ll come running with a giant grin, eager to be the next victim. I love your enthusiasm and excitement over noticing new things. Even if it means I have to "wook momma" at each and every pumpkin you see on our drive to work.

There are times I feel guilty that we don't get enough one on one time, but I’m grateful you get the advantage of having a playmate – someone to follow around, learn from and fight with.  Your big sister is so patient and kind with you (mostly). This morning for example, you were crying and she came into my room to ask me if you were going to be ok.
Just when I think you don’t need me much, you surprise me with big hugs and cuddles. Your smile and laugh is enough to make all my troubles fade to the background.

Just last week I had to take you to backup daycare at work. The shift in your routine was a hard one. They had to peel you off of me kicking and screaming when I said I was going ‘bye-bye’. It broke my heart and reminded me that as social and happy as you are, you still need Momma.

And as I often do during my space between meetings and calls, I’m sitting at my desk just wanting to come surprise you with hugs and kisses.

I love you "high to the stars" as Caroline would say. Happy Birthday my baby girl!



 Dale hollow 2015