Thursday, June 30, 2011

Remember me?

I'm still here. Guess what, it's SUMMER. That is my only excuse for not posting as of late. The summer schedule has been in full swing and I'm caught up in it all.

The summer kicked off for me and the Hubs with the Warrior Dash. We had signed up eons ago and when the time came to compete, we forgot to train. Oops. It was still a blast, with the obstacles being relatively easy while the uphill trail running and afternoon 90 degree sun depleted what energy we had to begin with.

It was a muddy, wet, knee-scraping competition and we had a blast. At the end we were all smiles behind a wall of mud.


I was disappointed in my lack of athletic ability, but the Hubs was nice enough to wait and walk with me. I think part of him wanted to make sure I didn't really hurt myself. I mean really, I'm not the most nimble. It was much more fun to have someone by your side.

Afterwards we were sprayed down by a guy who was having way too much fun wielding a fire hose. Wet and not even relatively clean, we sat in the sun to dry and people watch. The event was huge and the people watching was never-ending. The boys drank beer while I gnawed on a turkey leg, proud warriors content to spend the day outside.



More summer fun to follow. Come back next week to read about Sammy's First Trip to Doggie Day Care, A Christmas in July surprise and of course our Annual Fourth of July Party Recap.