Friday, January 2, 2015

Caroline is Three!

Caroline, what do you want for Christmas?”

“My birthday. And presents”

Caroline has been waiting patiently for her birthday to arrive. I keep telling her that it is after Christmas. So for a while, Christmas became just one more hurdle to get to her birthday.
It started back in September, when birthday season was in full swing. I told her after Maggie, her birthday is next. Oops forgot about the arrival of my new NEPHEW. You should have seen the look on her face when I said Arlo’s birthday was that day. Not happy.
(Welcome Baby ARLO! We were wondering if the Y chromosome was ever going to make an appearance. Two generations of X’s winning out until Arlo’s triumph)
Luckily we are close enough to Christmas that the lights, holiday music and general merriment of the season have her distracted.

BUT NOW, we can officially turn our attention to the big day. We have already updated the chalkboard with the number 'free'.

"Number one is for Maggie and number free is for Caroline!" as she would tell me.

Shopping for Christmas presents with her was the best. She knew just what she wanted. When I questioned her choice I got a firm response "NO, DIS ONE MOMMA!  Keep going."
Then when we got home, I asked her to tell Da Da what we bought for Maggie.
She promptly responded, "Da Da, we got you a tie."
On Christmas morning, she was emptying her stocking and when she pulled out a package of gummy bears. she thought that was hilarious. "Gummies?? Momma Santa is silly" she laughed. Who knew gummies were a ridiculous gift?
She brings me so much joy that I can barely stand it.
Happy Birthday Boogs!