Friday, December 5, 2014

Sammy so so

Sammy has been my trouble child as of late.

First she was the escape artist – I mentioned that she wandered off the first week we moved in. Instead of finding her way home, she found a person. Someone getting ready to leave for work at 4:45 AM!! They called us and Hubs hightailed it to pick her up.

So we know better than to take our eyes off her. How about letting her get some outside time when we are inside? We decided to try a tie up in the back yard and had some success. So much success that I thought I’d leave her on the tie up for a couple hours while we had somewhere else to be.
Our escape artist of a dog freed herself of her collar- the one with any/all identifying information- and went exploring. We came home to find the collar secured to the tie, but no dog. This time we were more worried. We KNOW Sammy will find people. She is more likely to jump in someone’s car than be hit by it. But how will said people find US? Social media to the rescue. After calling the dog warden, the police non emergency line and any other group we could think of, I took to the computer. I posted on craigslist and facebook. It was about 1AM when I got a craigslist reply that linked me to our Neighbor who posted on facebook that she had found a dog. The craigslist reply connected the two of us and resulted in a happy reunion at an ungodly early hour.

Then there were the pooping incidents-
Those of you with dogs know, if they have an accident in the house, they always do it in the same spot/room, right? Our childhood dog, Max, always did it in the dining room. At the old house, Sammy always did it in the basement. Now that we are in the new house, I guess she had to find a new spot. Well she found her spot, Caroline’s room! The first time it was on her rug and it was so runny/messy/gross that the rug got tossed. Luckily for cleanups sake, I hadn't had time to replace the rug before the second infraction. It would have been easy enough to clean and disinfect the hardwood if I wasn’t carrying a sleeping Caroline when I discovered it.  Stepping over the land mines and through a fog of stale poop smell, I laid her down in her bed. She woke up to hear me cursing under my breath.
“Sammy poo pooed my room?”
"Yes, Sammy poo pooed in your room." I muttered
"Sammy bad dog”
“Yes, Sammy’s a bad dog. Caroline STAY in your bed, while I clean this up!”
“Momma I have milk?”
“Yes, when I’m done. STAY IN YOUR BED!”

Cue me running down and back up the stairs with the necessary cleaning items only to be greeting halfway by Caroline. Yes, she follows instructions well.
I maneuver past her, on a mission to try and finish scrubbing and disinfecting. Despite mopping the floor twice, the poop scent remains. We move our ionizing fan to her room without any other solution. I go to track down Caroline and begin the night night routine for a child that is no longer sleepy.

Lets hope we can get through the holidays without any more major Sammy events!