Friday, May 29, 2009

Busy with WHAT?

So I've been MIA - Thanks Tiki Tiki for noticing. I've been very busy with work and have decided to stay away from work focused blog topics. Because I've been so focused on work, that leaves little to write about. This weekend, I spent at the Taste of Cincinnati for work. I wont get into the details of what I was working on but had to share a picture of Herbie the Hot Pocket. I still can't get over how much people LOVED him. It was an interesting sight to see.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I haven't been feeling well this last week - hence the lack of blog posts - but thats not the point.

You know that nasty taste you get in your mouth when you get a cold, the tasted that no amount of Listerine or brushing of teeth will get rid of. I know you know the taste, your mouth feels like you just sucked on cotton ball.

I woke up with that nasty gummy mouth and went to brush my teeth for the first time that day. I started with just the toothbrush, to pre-scrub the grime prior to adding the minty toothpaste.

I wet the toothbrush and went to town. Suddenly, I stopped. I was struck at once with a weird chemical taste and a foaming on the toothbrush that was not toothpaste quality foam. I stopped to examine the brush at the same time my nose made the connection. That taste, is so familiar but not to my tounge, to my noise. SHIT - its cleaning supplies.

I started spiting and gagging immediately. I ran over and sucked in as much Listerine as my mouth could hold. WHAT THE HELL. Did my husband use my TOOTHBRUSH TO CLEAN????

He heard my commotion and came running. WHAT's the matter. My mouth still full of MOUTH APPROPRIATE cleaning products, the glare was enough to let him know I was pissed.

I spit out the Listerine and asked, WHAT DID YOU USE MY TOOTHBRUSH TO CLEAN??

his response - What are you talking about? I didn't use your toothbrush for anything.

ME: YOU USED IT FOR SOMETHING! IT HAD CLEANING SUPPLIES ON IT. TOXIC, CHEMICAL ONES. (verses the not toxic, non chemical ones? I know it didn't make sense)

Him: I didn't touch your toothbrush


Him: but they do a good job.

I'm left in the bathroom, trying to scrape the bleach taste out of my mouth, unsure if my husband was trying to kill me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Doctors, Doctors, more doctors

Those of you that know me, know I've been seeing every DR under the sun lately to solve my migraine problem. First of all, let me tell you that I don't think they know ANYTHING about migraines. There are drugs to prevent and/or to abort the migraine but what I want to know is WHY I get them. What is the problem. No one really knows this. I wonder in 100 years if our society will look back and laugh at how we treated this persistent, debilitating problem.

OK, so I could bitch and moan about how little is known about this problem that affects millions, but that's not the point.

Through this process I had my eyes check. This was the first real eye exam I've ever had. For those of you that experience this annually, here's a new perspective. I had NO IDEA that when your eyes are dilated your vision is blurry. Freaked me out. Plus those drops that numb your eyes, I almost had an anxiety attack "I CANT FEEL MY EYEBALLS IN MY HEAD" but the doctor said don't rub them. HOW DO I MAKE SURE THEY ARE STILL THERE?

OK, so i wasn't screaming, but those were the crazy thoughts going through my head. Cheryl, I was thinking of you the whole time. Why couldn't my friend be my eye doctor so I could tell her how CRAZY this all is.

Then all the lights coming at me from different angles - look down here while I shine a light here, look over here while I shine a light this way, and on and on it went. I'm thinking, is this really a good idea for a migraine sufferer? Mess with her vision and then shine lights in her eyes.

Then I go to leave the eye doctor with black saucers for eyes and blurry vision. I can't believe they actually let anyone drive like this! Back to work I go—to deliver a presentation I could barely read.

Oh and turns out I don't have any eye problems or need glasses - phew, don't have to do that again anytime soon.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The poison

This story actually begins last year. It was last summer that biscuit was weeding her garden and she ran into some serious poison ivy. It wasn't long before she was an itchy, red, swollen mess.

Somewhere between then and now, she has worked up a theory. I'll call it the chicken pox theory of poison ivy. She thinks once you get poison ivy bad enough, you can't get it again. Now before I start to discuss the major flaws of this theory, let me first explain how well she had convinced herself it was true. The suffering from her allergic reaction was pretty severe last year—Not something you'd go willingly looking for. Alas, she believed her theory to be as true as gravity.

Last weekend she went out into her garden and pulled out that ivy from the roots. I would love to say that she was bare handed, believing strongly in her theory, but she did have some protection—gloves. Those gloves were no match. She started itching on Tuesday when she confessed her ill-conceived theory and its demise. She was already a little puffy when I saw her.

I mentioned the theory to Husband this week - He didn't seem to think it was that crazy. My response, "she's comparing an allergy/allergic reaction to an illness like chicken pox!"

Today, I got an email from her that said "poor me....mommas coming up to take me to the hospital" and she attached the following pitiful picture of herself.

(Biscuit, sorry in advance for posting this but it's just too funny) Anyone remember the movie with Cher...

And for those of you who don't know what a normally beautiful person she is - a picture for comparison's sake....

So as we speak, mom is driving up to take her to the ER for a shot. Wonder how long she'll look this scary.