Monday, July 30, 2012

Millions of peaches

Peaches for free.

Bert (our peach tree) has produced a bumper crop this year. We were afraid with the strange weather that all those baby peaches wouldn’t ripen. Well they have and I am peached out.

I spent all day Saturday up to my elbows in peach skins, pits, cobbler and puree. I separated those peaches that were big, plump and pretty enough to be handed out as gifts. The others were blanched, peeled and pitted. Those turned into several jars of baby food (pureed peaches), frozen slices for winter storage, and three cobblers. Millions of peaches…

Bert’s branches are still bowing from the weight of the remaining fruit. I guess the rest will have to be enjoyed as nature intended -plucking and biting into, sweet juices dripping down your chin. I am done processing!

Oh by the way, one whole cobbler is gone already. Yeah, I love me some dessert.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Letters to my daughter

Dear Boogs, Baby Girl, Sweet Caroline,

Do you know how happy you make me? Only you could wake me up at FIVE AM EVERY SINGLE DAY and still warrant a genuine smile in the midst of a sleepy fog.

This is such an awesome age because we are really getting to see your personality. Whenever we take you to a new place, or are around new people, you take it all in. You study each new face and the new environment with such intensity that our only conclusion is that you are Mensa-smart.

I’ve only heard you giggle a handful of times but OMG That Sound. I have never heard a sweeter sound. I think your dad has collected some pretty incriminating videos of me searching for the trigger that will reward us with your laugh.

You are fast becoming Daddy’s girl. Every time he enters the room you can’t smile big enough for him. Every limb flails in excitement. You’ll even look at me as if to say “Do you see? Dad is here!!!”  My response is usually, "I know, he's pretty awesome."

Right now you’re method of transportation is rolling. I’m not sure you’re very interested in crawling considering rolling gets you where you need to go.

You’ve also discovered Sammy. You study her paws when she’s sleeping, try to catch the wagging tail when she’s waiting for crumbs and even encourage her to lick your face – much to my chagrin.

While you only notice the cat in passing, he has discovered how much he likes your baby food. Without fail, he can be found close by during mealtime.

Last night you started to cry when I left the room. I turned around and you smiled big at me. I think I'm in trouble as you are starting to learn how to manipulate your momma. Man time flies but I'm having so much fun with you.

I love you,
The Momma


Friday, July 13, 2012


And it goes likes hard drive crash, heat wave, rehearsal dinner, major storm knocking out power in most of central Ohio, setting back up for the wedding after all the destruction, flat tire, wedding, clean up, hang over, take cousins to the airport, prepare for 4th of July party, work, grocery, work, clean, cook, set up, house guests arrive, 4th of July party, drink, hang over, house guests leave, clean, replace tire, Caroline Dr appointment, power outage, pick up cousins from the airport, spend the night at in-laws, Caroline’s first trip to the pool, back home, rest, back at work.

So yeah, no pictures of the wedding or party with the computer being dead. Also, not sure where to start with stories. I've been going to bed before the sun every night just trying to catch up on sleep.

All the while the baby girl continues to grow and learn new tricks (blowing bubbles).

What about you?