Monday, July 30, 2012

Millions of peaches

Peaches for free.

Bert (our peach tree) has produced a bumper crop this year. We were afraid with the strange weather that all those baby peaches wouldn’t ripen. Well they have and I am peached out.

I spent all day Saturday up to my elbows in peach skins, pits, cobbler and puree. I separated those peaches that were big, plump and pretty enough to be handed out as gifts. The others were blanched, peeled and pitted. Those turned into several jars of baby food (pureed peaches), frozen slices for winter storage, and three cobblers. Millions of peaches…

Bert’s branches are still bowing from the weight of the remaining fruit. I guess the rest will have to be enjoyed as nature intended -plucking and biting into, sweet juices dripping down your chin. I am done processing!

Oh by the way, one whole cobbler is gone already. Yeah, I love me some dessert.


Anonymous said...

I want some when I come visit!! Do you think Bert will be feeling generous?

Marci said...

I will have to beat off the varments that keep taking bites from the good ones and dropping them on the ground.

Linda said...

PEACHES!!!! Baby L. has been loving peach cobbler lately....just saying. And I wonder if the same technique as strawberry freezer jam applies for peach jam? Hmmm.