Friday, July 13, 2012


And it goes likes hard drive crash, heat wave, rehearsal dinner, major storm knocking out power in most of central Ohio, setting back up for the wedding after all the destruction, flat tire, wedding, clean up, hang over, take cousins to the airport, prepare for 4th of July party, work, grocery, work, clean, cook, set up, house guests arrive, 4th of July party, drink, hang over, house guests leave, clean, replace tire, Caroline Dr appointment, power outage, pick up cousins from the airport, spend the night at in-laws, Caroline’s first trip to the pool, back home, rest, back at work.

So yeah, no pictures of the wedding or party with the computer being dead. Also, not sure where to start with stories. I've been going to bed before the sun every night just trying to catch up on sleep.

All the while the baby girl continues to grow and learn new tricks (blowing bubbles).

What about you?