Friday, June 28, 2013

Conversations with Caroline

This is one of my favorite videos of Caroline. It is us just sitting on the couch asking her to say her words. Her favorite word is "no" at the moment. It makes me smile.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Letters to my baby girl.

Dear Caroline,

It is amazing to me how much change the past 6 month have brought. It’s crazy to think that at your first birthday, you weren’t even walking yet! Your vocabulary continues to surprise us. I can’t tell if it is Mom pride or if you are just that good with words.

This past week Miss Diane was on vacation, so I took the time off work to spend with you. I am starting to realize how precious this one-on-one time is considering your sibling’s pending arrival. Taking you back to the sitter on Monday was really hard for me. The whole week felt like it was just you and me taking on the world. I was being selfish with this time with you. There were so many special moments where we just cuddled, laughed and played together.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. It took me a good couple days to let go of the standard routine and let things happen as they may. In my defense, the routine is what gets us through the week. I’m always apprehensive to let it go. Once I did submit, the time with you was more enjoyable. You had more mud under your fingernails, stains on your clothes and ultimately a bigger smile on your face.

The first half of the week we went to lunch and strawberry picking with Aunt Biscuit. We ran so many errands. We even spent an hour or so with Aunt Jenna and your cousins. I loved the way you squealed with excitement every time I asked if you wanted to go bye-bye. Yes, you want to see the world, even if the world only consists of what you can view from the cart at the grocery store, Lowe's or Michael's.

The second half of the week was spent boating with Bubby, Grandpa, Quinn and Uncle Meg. It was a four hour drive. You slept almost the whole way! It was your first boat trip of the year, and the first boat trip where you are walking. On the dock, or anywhere near the water for that matter, you had your life jacket on. That life jacket proved awkward for you. Your balance was off. You waddled around unable to bend at the waist. It would have been a funny sight if I wasn’t freaking out that you were going to stumble and fall headfirst into the lake!

Once we got a chance to swim together, you proved to be as much a fish as your momma. I guess those swimming lessons paid off. I had a life jacket on so I could keep you stable and upright.You loved it. We swirled in circles and swam towards noodles so you could grab and gnaw on them. Towards the end of the trip I even had you putting your face in the water to blow bubbles. I was quite surprised by your lack of fear, considering your adventure-seeking, wild cousin wanted nothing to do with the water. I was so proud!

It’s been a week now since I had to take you back to the sitter and go back to work. The week together was awesome and I think you agreed as we both cried, you a little more than me as I peeled you off my hip and handed you to Diane.

I am so very proud of the brave, smart, polite, beautiful girl you are growing into. It’s that stubborn streak I’m afraid of….

Love, your momma!

Strawberry Pickin


Relaxing on the boat

Trying to share the big-girl chair. A sign of things to come?
  And hamming it up with Mom  Untitled