Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The other night after Caroline was asleep; I did my nightly ‘peek in’. Once she’s sound asleep I have to check that 1) she’s still breathing 2) content 3) reassure myself that she is, in fact, awesome.
I was closing the door after going through my checklist when I couldn’t help myself from saying to Hubs, “I can’t believe I’m going to have TWO babies soon. I think my heart might explode.”  It’s at night when the calmness takes over the house, the anxiety and pressures of the day drift away that I’m left with the heart-swelling blessings my life has brought me.
During the day, those feeling get lost amongst the bills, alarm clocks, work, dinner, diapers, tantrums, and schedules. The idea of two kids has done its share of FREAKING ME OUT. But underneath it all, is that love and joy that is so rich and deep it scares me.  
I feel guilty that days sometimes go by without this recognition, but I’m too type A and practical to realistically spend my life in reverence. Instead I’ll write about those moments, give them life. When I click through the archives of my blog, these feelings don’t get lost or forgotten.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Third Trimester

So I’m officially in the last three months of my pregnancy. Here is a recent conversation with my doctor:

Me: I feel big. Am I measuring big?
DR: Yep.

Well there you go. I’m not crazy. My third trimester clothes from the last pregnancy ARE tighter than I remember. They are being significantly tested to stretch and cover the underbelly. Plus there are all the comments from coworkers when I tell them my due date. Their eyes get big and a look of worry consumes their face. They must think I’m having a 12 lb baby.

The weather has been very mild – perfect for a late summer pregnancy, especially if you tend to carry mini furnaces in your belly. While most people have the windows open and are enjoying the low humidity, 75 degree days, I admit that the AC is actually on. It's that mini furnace.

We’ve been trying to take FULL advantage of summer lately, taking Caroline to the zoo, the pool and the State Fair. We have to get all these activities in, because I’m getting tired and winded more quickly.

This weekend I hope to spend more time in Ittybit’s room to get it ready. Once we have it prepped, we’ll move the toddler bed into Caroline’s room. She’s already seen it and is supper excited about her big girl bed. Not sure mom and dad are ready for the transition though.

I took a "before" picture of the messy office/dumping room that will become the nursery. Ideally the 'after' picture should be pretty dramatic. The challenge with cleaning out this room is that it means we’ve had to re purpose Hubs office space and all our files and such. Our tiny house just has to be more functional with every inch of space having a distinct purpose. So far it has actually been an improvement, but we’ll see how we feel when winter arrices and the four of us (six if you include the cat and dog) are on top of each other.

Hope you are enjoying the summer. It will be gone before you know it!