Friday, July 15, 2011

It's a dog's life

In preparation for vacation, we decided to check out a new boarding facility closer to home. This new place has doggie day care, is cage free and very close to home – walking distance in fact.

When we inquired about boarding, we were informed that she had to come in for a day to ensure she got along with the other dogs, very important considering the cage free environment. We are not really the “doggie daycare” type, but it was required.

It was a Tuesday before work when I loaded her into the car. Usually sleepy and not really awake when I leave, she was perplexed but eager to wake up as I dug for her leash. As I led her to the car, she danced with happy feet at the excitement of a car ride.

Around the block and down the street, I pulled into the new place. Sniffing, smelling and straining on the leash, I let her pull me inside. Once inside, I met the owner face to face and introduced her to Sammy who’s tail was wagging so hard I have lash marks on my legs. I let her know that Sammy is good with other dogs BUT she tends to have an excessive amount of energy. She will insist other dogs play with her despite the fact that they have exceeded their exertion level.

I waiting for a couple minutes uncomfortably, not sure I was ready to leave her before I decided to go.

I finally departed for work worried that I’ll never be able to manage leaving my kids at daycare if my hemming and hawing about leaving the DOG was any indicator.

I was eager to leave work and hear how she did at her first day with friends. I pull up and she was outside near the fence. She recognized me immediately with the perked ears and alert stance. I called out to her and she looked back towards her new friends, conflicted. She couldn’t get to me from where she was, so she stood there watching me unsure what to make of the whole situation.

I went inside to get her grade. The owner said she was wonderful, a truly happy dog. I was beaming from the pride. She let her inside and Sammy came to greet me, excited to tell me all about her day’s adventures.

She was full of excitement and energy until we got home. Once home, she collapsed on the cool hardwood floor, panting with true satisfaction. From what the Husband tells me, she was pretty immobile the next day, another indication of how hard she played.

As we get ready for vacation, my only worry is that she plays so hard she makes herself sick! Must be a good life.