Monday, February 9, 2009

I hear your "husband" and raise you one lie

I’ve noticed I go out of my way to say the word “husband lately”. It’s as if I’m testing it out, seeing how it flows in conversation— gauging reactions.

At the vet the other day I even lied about something so I could try it out. A woman mentioned that her husband is allergic to cats. Something about her saying husband triggered something in me "OH i can use that word too." I thought.

I responded that MY husband said he was allergic to cats also, but it turns out he’s not as I nodded to Franklin spilling off my lap.

Ok so here's the odd part. The husband never said he was allergic to cats. Turns out I wanted to take her “husband” statement and match it but I guess I had to LIE to do that???

I half expected her to call me out, but not about the lie, about he husband part.... “You don’t have a husband.” or “You’re too young to be married.” is more what I expected. I was actually quite taken aback when she regarded what I said as normal conversation.

Forget the part that for some reason the only way I could work the word husband into conversation was to totally lie - hmm that came way too natural to me.

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