Friday, February 13, 2009

Shout out to Cheryl in Nigeria

So I received this email the other day from my friend Cheryl…..


How are you?.......I hope you are having a wonderful day, well i must say that i am sorry if you think this may be bothering to you but i have no choice at this point in time, I am currently in a west African country Nigeria as i traveled there for meeting, sorry and accept my apology that i didn't inform you that i was traveling , I am currently having some problems at the moment, When i came down from the airport i flagged a Cab to take me to the nearest hotel which i paid for before i entered. But to my utmost surprise when i got to the hotel and was about checking in, I noticed my wallet (which contained my passport,ATM card, some money and other valuables) was not with me again. I talked to the Hotel manager who out of pity saw that i was a foreigner allowed me with the condition that i would pay before he allows me take any of my belongings out when i want to finally leave. I explained to him that i would contact my friends and families to help me.
Can you help me out with some money? i need $2,500.00
I am currently very broke and the pay day from the deal i am having is scheduled for this next month end…..

The email goes on with instructions on how to send the money via Western Union. I have seen these types of emails before, where the scammer fakes the return address based on someone’s email in your address book.

So I take the email and forward it to Cheryl:
Check out this email – It says it’s from you but I don’t think so

Imagine my surprise at the following response:

I sent you the mail and it is real.Please there is no where i can go right now, help me with $2,500.00 for the hotel bills and a flight ticket to get me back home. I will refund your money when i get back home.
God will bless as you help me out.

At this point they have sucked me in – are you kidding me. Do you scammer think I am this dumb OR this rich??
My response:
Hmm, Doesn’t sound like the Cheryl I know – Good luck.

Another response from the scammer who is now addressing me by name:
Hey Marci,

I know this is very hard but you have to believe me. It is me Cheryl, please this is the time i need you most..
I beg of you to help me out..

Seriously scammer, come on! (In hindsight I might be as dumb as they think because I didn’t just ignore the stupid scammer, I had to respond so they now have my name and email).
Ok how do we know each other?

Marci..We are friends for God sake why are acting way..

Gotta love that the scammer is trying to call me out in broken English.
This is my last email that did not garner a response from the scammer:
Ha, Ha, stumped you!


Anonymous said...

Marci, this is your friend Mo. I am being held ransom. Please put $2,500 in my mailbox tonight at 10:30. I'm sorry I am asking you to do this, please help. I am praying, and please pray with me. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

cheryl said...

Your emails were classic, though the whole situation was not fun, especially the part where they changed my password and I couldn't get into my email. Thanks for the laughs!!

cheryl said...

P.S. so this is what it takes for me to get a shout out on your blog? :)