Friday, February 20, 2009


Oh how I hate being sick, loathe it. The sickness takes over your body, your mind, your house, your life.

I was down and out with the flu this past week. I’m not talking about a bug that forces you to loose a day or two to sleep. I’m talking so much pain that even Theraflu (my put me to sleep medicine of choice) wouldn’t knock me out. The body aches were so bad I thought I had suddenly developed arthritis. My skin was so sensitive that I cringed at the thought of moving—one minute I was frozen through to the core, the next sweating like a menopausal woman with hot flashes. Then there was the sinus congestion that gave me migraine-grade headaches.

So now that I’m about 75% back to healthy, I’m down in the dumps. It probably has everything to do with the fact that I spent most of a week trapped in my house without the energy to move, but I also blame the weather, that and my incredibly dirty house. The house has been a mess since we got back from our honeymoon but Husband has been doing his best to make a dent.

One thing that made me happy through my days on the couch was the Denny's commercial - I just wondering who got to be the Ad person that came up with that idea and even better, who got to puppeteer the banana?

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