Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beautiful People Portrait Series - Part 5

Part 5 in my series is dedicated to my always beautiful older sister. Monkers has always been exponentially more beautiful than she thinks she is. Her beauty is effortless. While I have to spend an hour in the mirror, putting the package together, she looks best au natural. If you don't get lost in her big blue eyes, her engaging manner will draw you in. I think she is a storyteller by nature, her expressions, energy and excitement turn even a boring car trip into a song.

If you ever get invited to her house, don't decline. She has a way of dotting on you and putting you at ease, maybe it's the glass of wine she has ready for your arrival!

She has always been paving the road, teaching me as I follow behind her.

Beautiful even candid


Scientifically stylish

because we all share the same gene pool
Picture 397

Standing up for me at my wedding (notice my beautiful sister-in-law in the background)

Stolen from her wedding album because she made such a BEAUTIFUL bride


The Good Cook said...

Lovely! Now you have to share the story of your new job at Chase! yes, I still have access to the grapevine.

Marci said...

Oh, I figured you still had access to the grapevine...I'll shoot you an email about all the details.

monkers27 said...

You are too sweet. So i'm sure all your readers know what a wonderful person you are by your writings but i feel the need to plaster pictures of you all over your blog so your readers know how equally beautiful you are on the outside. LOVE YOU