Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is coming...

There is a little song that plays in my head at the thought of spring. It’s a happy little song that makes me skip a little.

Already, I’ve started to thing about what I’m going to plant in my yard this year. We have a hideous chain link fence that is functional only for keeping the dog contained. This fence is no ordinary chain link—it is an addition to an 8ft wood privacy fence. The previous owners decided to enclose the remaining area of the yard with not only the ugliest fence available, but also the hardest type to remove. So instead of hating it, I’ll cover it up and make it part of the landscaping. I’m going to get some vines to grow over it.

The only part of yard work I hate is dealing with my enemy of yard clutter, the spiky balls! According to husband, they are from our sweet gum tree. I think they are from the devil.

The spiky balls fall year round all over our driveway, walkways and into the gutter. Don’t try to go outside in barefeet (which I think is one of the true joys of summer). Step on them and you risk breaking an ankle. No matter how often I rake and sweep, there are three times as many the next day.

They are green on the tree but then turn brown. They don’t all come down at once either. Right now I look up to see the bare tree holding on to the last spiky balls. That tree is waiting, waiting for me to clean up and then it’s going to drop them.

I looked up pictures on the internet to show you – oh the anger I feel just looking at them.

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