Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mega Millions

Well I just went out and bought a hundred tickets to Mega Millions for a bunch of people in the office. Right now the payout is $212 million. If we were to hit it big, we’d each get about $10.5 million before taxes.

So the fun begins – what would I do with $10.5 million? Without a doubt I would pay off all my debt. GOODBYE student loans, mortgage, car loan and credit card debt!

What would I do with the money that was left – A big chunk of it would go towards retirement, a new house and a new car. There would be a college fund for my kids too.

Maybe, if there was enough money – I’d open a small business (once the economy rebounds of course). Would love to invest in Jack opening a resaurant.

The money would go fast, that’s for sure. But figuring out how and where to spend it – I’d like to have that problem.

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