Friday, March 20, 2009


So my new year’s resolution was to write more. And here I am posting blog updates that no one cares about.

I’ve been looking at successful blogs and they all seem to have a theme, a purpose. Mine, by name is a littlebit of everything.

Some theme’s I’ve considered:
Funny? Well not laugh-out-loud funny but interesting and ironic stories, maybe pithy? That’s aiming high….
Pets: I love to talk about my kids but am not sure my life really revolves around them enough to keep the content going.
Family: They are definitely interesting. But because they are some of my few loyal readers, I can’t offend them or tell the stories they would find embarrassing.
Work In my industry there are already so many advertising blogs to compete with. I don’t have anything that would make mine different and therefore valuable. Besides, I spend all day here, don't want to write about it too.
Food I do love to eat it. I like to cook it. I am interested in it. I read about it, but again, not sure that alone is enough content.

Conclusion – I want to write a “littlebit” about everything so there is no good hook. It will just have to be my random outlet where I’m talking to myself.


cheryl said...

I like reading a littlebit, it makes me smile!

Linda said...

Me too! Your blog cracks me up.

Marci said...

Thanks ladies!

monkers27 said...

I am your biggest fan. (in so many ways)