Monday, March 2, 2009

Boston Market

So have you ever been to a Boston Market? I have and I really liked it. The only reason I don’t go very often is because I didn’t think it was very healthy AND there aren’t any locations close to me.

WELL, I am a buzz agent. Bzz agents are given product to try and talk about. My current bzz campaign is for Boston Market. They are starting 2009 with a campaign to get people to eat better, save money and spend more time with their families.

Since I joined this campaign, I found out they have catering, product available at the grocery store AND full meals under 550 Calories.

But better than all of that is the chance to win $50,000. See their website for more info

One of the benefits of being a bzz agent is that I have coupons. Find me and I can give you a token for a FREE CUPCAKE with purchase of a meal.

I have yet to use my coupon but I will post my review on the food as soon as I do.

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Linda said...

We need to schedule a lunch date for some Bzzing.