Monday, March 23, 2009

Paper or Plastic

So I’m checking out at the grocery store yesterday, and I asked for paper instead of plastic. The clerk said sure, and commented that everyone wanted to paper today. Making small talk, I told him I’m trying to use less plastic.

First of all some disclaimers – I do not recycle. This fact probably makes my very green friend MO angry. I just know it would be another fight in my household of trying to get the Husband to participate and help maintain.

Now just because I don’t recycle doesn’t mean I don’t understand the dire straights we’re in. So I make small conscience efforts, like asking for paper instead of plastic. Then I use the paper bags for other things around the house.

Ok, back to the story – I mentioned that I was trying to use less plastic

This is where the debate began

Grocery Store Clerk: “These are tree’s though” indicating the paper bag he was filling with my goceries.

Me: “Yes, but the plastic doesn’t ever biodegrade.”
Disclaimer (millions of years is the same as never to me)

Grocery Store Clerk: “But they have to cut down trees for this and trees are what allow us to breath.”

Me: “I guess I’m picking the lesser of two evils, besides, I can always go home and plant a tree.”
(seriously dude, I’m not saying I hate trees)

Grocery Store Clerk (did I mention he was probably 17): “Soon there won’t be enough places to plant trees.”

OK, this guy loves trees. He is ignoring the evils of plastic to tell me how much he loves trees. OK, I give up but I still want my paper bags.


Anonymous said...

OMG so many things to comment on. So, in effort to stay concise: Good job on making small changes to be green Marci!

Nick L. said...

Might I suggest the grocery bags you can get for like $.99? You can really load them up and use them for lots of stuff!!