Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Restaurant hop

So Monkers is on Spring Break right now so she decided to grace Biscuit and myself with her presence last night.

We made a night of it. We couldn’t decide where to eat, so instead we decided to restaurant hop.

We started out at Details, the cocktails and tapas place owned by Rosendale’s. The best thing about details had to be the cocktails. They were all true to the classics and befitting all our tastes—none of that sweet, milky, frozen or diluted crap. We were there for a while as we rotated through the plates of homemade pork rinds, assorted cheeses, chorizo chili and tuna tar tar tacos.

Once Husband showed up and had a cocktail, we were off to Kooma for a sushi dinner. We enjoyed a ton of sushi, nabayaki udon, tempura vegetables and edamame. It was a feast. I love sushi, so the majority of my attention was on the nigiri and the salmon skin rolls. Monkers was a little disappointed in the udon only because she can make phenomenal nabayaki udon at home.

As we were ushered out of Kooma because they were closing, we headed to Jeni’s.
Luckily the famous ice cream shop doesn’t close until 11:00 even on a random Tuesday night. We all tasted the new flavors, and some of the old ones, and hemmed and hawed over our decisions like the kids we are at heart. We all got small scoops and savored them over the French press coffee. I had the cognac, which was like my after-dinner drink and dessert all in one. Biscuit had the crème fresh with berries, always a favorite. Nick Nick had his staple, pistachio and honey. I was so into my own cup, I can’t remember what Monkers had. Husband's was a combination of flavors in a waffle cone.

After that we headed home to play some Wii. It was a very good Tuesday night.


Mandy Terrett said...

so much fucking fun!

monkers27 said...

YES, So much fun!

I thought you would find this funny. When we returned home to Biscuit and Nick Nick's house Nick nick served himself a big bowl of Special K....I just thought 'where is he going to put that?' I was stuffed.