Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween. I will never grow out of wanting to dress up.

Every year I love putting time and effort into a great costume. We have a Halloween contest every year at my job. It is always fun to show up to work to see what people have done.

This year my favorite was Richard Simmons - he came running into the office, jazz hands fluttering, squealing about how excited he is.

We also had someone dressed up as a functional box of wine, a dead concept (advertising humor), ugly Betty, a pirate, an evil bunny, and a scarecrow.

I did not have time to pull together a costume this year. It's go big or go home for me. I wouldn't settle for a sheet over my head. So instead I'll reminisce about the many costumes from years past - starting in college
Chiquita banana woman
Devil in a blue dress
Dorothy from wizard of oz
Pink fuzzy dice (this was a costume with Fiance)
Fiance was Fudge'ums from the domino's commercial and I was a domino's delivery person.
Fiance and I were Bank robbers - masks, wigs and trench coats.

Last year's costume took the cake - Mo and I were bobble heads of ourselves. They actually bobbled too.

Happy Haunting.


Barracuda said...

Martin was my favorite... till you had to let the boobs go. haha

Anonymous said...

Damn! Those are good lookin' costumes!!