Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Dance

Fiancé and I are never out of dog food and cat food at the same time. It would be so convenient if we could just buy them both at the same time. We’ve tried to always buy both at the same time no matter if we are out or not, but always end up with a TON of cat food. This means sometimes Sammy just eats cat food until we have time to go to the store. I’m such a good mom, I know.

Right now, we have a dog-food-sized bag of cat food. Fiancé bought the cheap kind. The cheap kind resulted in Frankie’s upset stomach and some nasty dingle berries. So I had to go out and get the good, healthy food in the orange bag.

I brought the bag home and was immediately the center of attention. I set the bag down in the kitchen and let the dance begin.

It doesn’t matter if its dog food or cat food, both kids think it is their rightful property. I call it a dance because each movement is so subtle that if you didn’t know them, you might not get what is going on.

The can will rub on the bag in gratitude, the dog then nonchalantly walks up to the bag – her presence pushes the cat to another corner of the room. The whole time the bag of food is in sight, Sammy’s eyes are on the cat. If Franklin is able to get close to the bag – no sudden move is made, Sammy simply gets up and positions herself in between the food and the cat – Size is her advantage.

So it seems that Franklin is the looser here, but he is no dummy. He is patient and eventually Sammy has to go outside. Last night while Sammy was doing her business. I hear a ripping noise from the kitchen. I shit you not, that the cat was ripping the bag of food open with his teeth. He would take one giant bite and pull.

Sammy comes in, sees the damage the cat has done, and refuses to leave sight of the food. We always make her come to bed and she begrudgingly joins us.

Last night she must have been tormented by the thought of the cat eating all the food, so she snuck downstairs and SLEPT next to that bag of food.

OK enough tormenting the animals – I put the food away.

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