Monday, October 13, 2008

The dress

So momma T brought up my wedding dress this weekend - Thanks MOM!

i was really excited to get it and try it on again. I wanted to dance around, feeling pretty singing the song from Sleeping Beauty!

Instead, the whole thing was rather anti-climatic. It took FOREVER to get it on. I was sweating the whole time, worried my dress will smell like BO. I don't do very well standing - guess its good practice.

It was also too big. I knew it would be too big, but I guess what I really liked about the dress is that it sucked me in so tight, I looked skinny - A dress too big won't do that for you.

The funniest part was when biscuit had me stand on an upside-down basked for the pedestal affect. It collapsed under my weight and I almost bit it.

Not to worry, I still really like the dress. I just remember it being much more fabulous.

I'm really getting tired of the wedding stuff, glad we opted for a short engagement.

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