Friday, January 28, 2011

Crafts take two...

Remember Crafty Crap? In case you forgot, read here.

Oh what a difference a year makes. I finally accomplished crocheting scarves that were straight and (mostly) error free. This year I decided that I would tackle the 'granny square'.

First I must tell you how every friend, person, instructional website, stranger on the street and Sammy told me that granny squares are the easiest thing to learn. I must be an idiot because it was NOT the easiest. Maybe it's because I'm self taught.Andthe crochet vernacular was just too confusing: single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet (isn't that a single crochet), chain stitch, and more.

I have no idea what I taught myself when i made the scarves, but it was the reason I couldn't grasp the granny square. I finally devoted an evening to watching instructional you-tube videos, yarn in hand.

Ok, ok, now I get it. I see why people say this is easy. Check out my first granny square blanket or Lapgan (afghan sized for your lap). When I took this picture, it wasn't completely done. You can see that Sammy thought she was going to be the model for this photo shoot - not this time baby girl.


I am really proud of this. The only problem was the size. I love the colors and the yarn texture so much, I might go back and make it bigger.

I proudly took my craft accomplishment to Biscuit's to show off. She immediately put it on her couch to show me how GOOD it looked right there in her house.  Sorry Biscuit, I'm keeping this one.


Anonymous said...

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monkers27 said...

Nice job. I'm impressed

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I try but sometimes it's hard with so many blogs to maintain!!!