Friday, October 16, 2009

Crafty Crap

This year has provided me with something I had forgotten—spare time. In the past three years, I’ve done a good job of using up every imaginable minute of my life outside work. If it wasn’t going to school, it was planning a wedding or training for a marathon.

My reintroduction to my spare time went a little something like this…

Me: Hello Spare Time, I’ve forgotten what you look like.
Spare Time: I’m looking a little empty. You should fill me up.
Me: With what?
Spare Time: Most people fill me up with hobbies. Don’t you have any?
Me: Hobbies, I forgot all about those.
Spare Time: Better find some quickly or Work will come back and fill me up.
Me: Ok, Ok. Maybe I’ll learn to crochet. All I need besides you is yarn and a hook.

And so went my attempt to Crochet. I headed off eagerly to the Jo Ann Fabric, excited to find multiple aisles of yarn. There was yarn of all sizes, textures and colors. I gingerly selected my first couple colors. Already I was envisioning the beautiful scarves, hats and blankets I would be making—oh the color combinations, the textures, the possibilities. Spare Time, you won’t be empty for long.

The idea was all very romantic in my head. I would be an expert in no time, flying through projects, adorning my friends with colorful gifts. But then there was the reality, I have NO IDEA what the hell I am doing. I have NEVER created anything from YARN. How did I get this romantic idea in my head. I’m pointing straight at you Linda! She comes in with scarves and baby blankets in a plethora of colors and styles. Beautiful pieces she whips up in a week or so. “It’s so easy” she says…

You Tube taught me enough basics that I began my first scarf with a simple stitch. I knew this first attempt would be messy. I struggled through it until I find a rhythm, or so I thought. I got through the second ball of yarn, needing a third to make the length appropriate for a scarf, when I had to stop. NOONE, not even the proud crafter herself, will EVER wear this thing. I gave up. But then there was this nagging voice...

Spare Time: Hey, I’m a feeling a little empty again. What happened to the crocheting?
Me: I don’t have everything I need for that
Spare Time: You have the yarn, the hook and me.
Me: I don’t have skill!


At least it looks good on Sammy!



Anonymous said...

Has Sammy talked to Spare Time? He may want another color!

Mo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SO WELL WRITTEN!! Loved this story Marci and miss your antics!! Love, MO

Bloggy McReadstuff said...

Good post. The conversation with spare time is funny.