Thursday, July 3, 2008

Taking back the yard

Today, I took back my yard! I stood examining the weed infested flower beds. Those weeds have gotten very comfortable in the nutrient rich soil meant for my shrubs and flowers.

I knew I was in for a battle. By the looks of it they were trying to colonize in MY flowerbed. They had a firm hold of the dirt but I had tools and thumbs in my favor.

Luckily it rained earlier in the day. I thought the rain would thwart my efforts but it stopped. Mother nature was on my side. The rain had loosened the hard clay soil and left the weeds vulnerable.

I prepared for battle, tying up my hair and removing all jewelry. As I surveyed the land, I laid out my plan - I would tackle them one by one.

The first pull of a weed out of the soil-yoink. Those roots don't stand a chance in this moist terrain. In my absence, those weeds had grown lazy. There wasn't any sign of the hard digging and pulling I anticipated.

I spoke too soon. I found my true challengers—the CRABGRASS growing between the cracks in the sidewalk. I tugged, twisted, dug and cursed. DAMN YOU crabgrass!

I was Slowly and painfully making my way to the back of the yard when the rain started. With determination, I kept at the battle. Soon, it was too much. With skinned knuckles and a dirt covered face, The rain forced me to retreat halfway to my victory.

With each drop of rain, I know that soil will loosen.

Crabgrass I will defeat you. Its just a matter of time. Bwah ha ha ha.


Anonymous said...

It looked to me like you have won the battle AND the war. On July fourth the weeds were noticably absent! And the yard was host of what seemed like an outstanding second annual bash!

Thanks for inviting us.

monkers27 said...

I love the part about the skinned knuckles. It never fails I will take my gloves off and as a result will have lemon and salt fearing hands

monkers27 said...

I love the part about the skinned knuckles! I always have to take my gloves off and as a result I will have salt and lemon fearing hands!

Mo said...

bwaaa ha ha ha. You get that evil crabgrass. (wavey fist in air)