Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My 15 Minutes

I am officially famous. I will be appearing in grocery stores and convenience stores nationwide. Be sure to look for the large display of chocolate (how fitting). See below for the pictures.

Wow that picture doesn't do me, or my fame, justice. See below for a more appropriate close up!

Because I want everyone to have fun with my fame, I am introducing a game. "Log the Locations and Win". Think of it as a Where's Waldo of Marci's. Every time you have a Marci sighting (the one on the display, not me in person) come back to my blog and post a comment about where you saw me. The winner will be the person that has the most LEGITIMATE posts. They will win a lot of chocolate. (Only Nestle Chocolate, but hey its free).

Seriously, I will provide the winner with candy bars. (Joe don't mention anything if you notice the candy display is empty tomorrow).

I am also appearing online at

Thank goodness I wasn't one of the poor schleps who's head got replaced. I'm not naming names, but Joe and Rob aren't in the picture anymore.



Mo said...

Was Joe the blond on the right?? Hahahaha!

LL said...

I love missions...Marci spotting...what if I just stole the display and randomly placed it in locations around town? Does that count?

Marci said...

Good call LL - You get double the candy if you steal me a display. Ok maybe not, might get me fired.

Anonymous said...

I say Mo win's no matter what. ALL THE CHOCOLATE. This is anonymous, right?

monkers27 said...

I've seen three in cincinnati.

When do i get my chocolate!