Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Someone recently commented about how I addressed the Fiancé as such in my last blog post. It was older sister, who now wants a fun name. I think you’d agree “older sister” isn’t unique or flattering. In the spirit of names, I decided to provide a key of who’s who for future blog posts.

The Big Man
– Older sister’s Fiancé, soon to be husband. The big man is a great chef and responsible for some of the greatest meals I’ve ever consumed.

Little Sister – Biscuit, this is not a new name for her. Not sure where it came from but it stuck.

Nick Nick – Little Sisters boyfriend. Sorry we don’t have a more interesting name but its fun to say. Try it.

Boyfriend/Fiancé and soon too be Husband – Easy enough to figure this one out. Love of my life, best friend, and person that can make me angrier than anyone (yes, even you mom).

Momma T – My crazy but perpetually youthful mother. Always on the run and only likes to talk on her cell phone in the car. If she tells you she’ll call you back when she gets home, don’t believe her.

Padre – Not sure when dad was translated to Spanish. He is the once strict disciplinarian turned softy (that’s what happens with three girls).

The kids – Franklin the cat and Sammy the dog – see appropriate posts for detailed descriptions

Now to the Older Sister – Here lies my problem with a name for older sister, all of the following apply to one side of her personality or another –
Monkers – pet name given by the big man
50s Diva – I’m telling you she live in the 50s in a previous life
Fitness Fanatic – running, swimming, hiking, biking, you name it she’s going to conquer it.
Future caretaker of the sick – scientist in the making
Cincinnati Sister – I told her that would be her name and she suggested it was uninspired.

What do you think?


Mo said...

What about Meg-Tat-Owwwww?

monkers27 said...

WOW! I feel so special do be dubbed with so many different names.

you forgot the other nickname that would really confuse your readers..Uncle Meg

tampopo said...

What about Crunk??? Crunkalicious, Monkalicious, Megalicious - I called her all of the above before Fergie - I promise!!! meow

El Guapo Sanchez said...

?Perdon me novia, donde esta se llama usted?