Monday, June 30, 2008

Wedding Dresses - round two

OK the novelty has worn off. I am tired of trying on dresses. Its not like playing dress up, now its more "why are you still trying on dresses".

There was one store where I SWEAR the lady put me in ugly dresses all day on purpose. Then she flaunted a couture dress in front of me. At that point, of course I loved it. She said I had Champaign-taste - Whatever lady, the other dresses were just UGLY.

I am what I am calling a "value" bride. I would not even touch a couture dress unless it was discontinued, off-the-rack, and more than half price. There were two that fit that bill. Of course I liked them, but I couldn't stomach the price. As I turned them away, the bargain shopper in me was yelling 75% OFF, ARE YOU CRAZY? GRAB IT AND RUN!!

At one point it was storming and the power went out in the store. I did yell "Grab the dress and run". No one thought that was too funny, except my mom.

At the last dress shop, I could tell I was narrowing it down. Two of the dresses were so similar, I was nit-picking to choose between them. The lady at the store suggested my sister try on the other one next to me so I could see them side by side. God-love my sister who obliged even though she hates the whole wedding dress thing. She helped me finally choose.

I have to send thanks to my Mom and sisters for bearing with me as I go back and forth and back and forth analyzing each aspect of every dress, weighing it against the cost implications.

So I spent more than I planned but I'm happy. Lets hope this doesn't set the tone of entire process.
I figure I'll cut costs from somewhere else (not sure where yet)

The point is, I picked one and moved on - phew, glad I'm done with that.

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cheryl said...

I laughed out loud at the power outage comment...see I told you I would read!