Thursday, June 26, 2008

Serious about blogging

Ok, I'm going to commit to updating this on a more frequent basis. I am in admiration of people that do this for a living. Not only are they witty writers but they also get all of the tech stuff. RSS feeds, Twitter, social networking....I am so out of it sometimes.

I am lucky enough to know one smart lady that has had serious success with her blog. She won awards and stuff.

Other sites I visit - NEVER at work though ;) (girls at work turned me on to this site. love it) - A deal a day!

So it's been a slow start to blogging for me. I have only has 7 posts and 0, yes 0 comments. Come ON people. I know my friends (Mo, I'm calling you out) and family are reading this. To their benefit, I never update the site, so they are frequently disappointed with the lack of content.

NO FEAR, I am committed (to this, not an insane asylum)

Ok, I will starting thinking of good content so the next posts aren't so stream of conciseness.

1 comment:

Moriya said...

Marci, Very nice post. I must say that I am rather enjoying your blog. You are a very witty writer and you always have something interesting to say, even if it's about nothing at all. I like the fact that you call your friends out for not leaving comments, so now you will get very boring long-winded ones. Let's see what can I tell you about... I woke up this morning, brushed my teeth, noticed that Olive had ripped a small hole in her dog bed, but I decided that it was ok because...
Just Kidding! Great Blog Marci. Keep up the posting!