Thursday, July 29, 2010

Burt is a tease

Our peach tree, Burt, has been so laden with fruit that the branches are working hard just to stay off the ground. Just walking into the back yard, we have a curtain of branches we have to navigate through. The orange fruit screams to be picked. I think it says something like this: “Look at how bright and juicy I am. I am so full of flavor, even the branches can’t hold me up. YUMMMM. If you don’t pick me soon, the critters will get me and you will have waited to long. PICK ME NOW!”

What a tease.

I could no longer ignore the Burt’s taunting, so Tuesday was HARVEST DAY. We only picked about half the fruit, hoping it would lessen the load on the young branches. No success, the branches still hang heavy with abundant fruit. We are trying to let as much of it ripen on the tree without losing the fruit to the critters. I think a dinner bell rings when they hit peak ripeness. We’ve lost an entire harvest to the critters before.

So now, how to take advantage of all those peaches? First, sangria with fresh Peaches on the back patio with Linda while the pups play. Second, a peach cobbler to celebrate Momma T’s birthday. I found a great recipe that calls for crystallized ginger – yum. Hopefully I can do Burt’s peaches proud and honor Momma T by baking something delicious.
What about all the rest? We’ll eat them for snacks, give them as gifts, and they’ll be gone before we know it (kinda like summer itself).

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Phong Nguyen said...

u name ur tree?! lol