Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fourth Annual 4th

Last weekend the Husband and I hosted our fourth annual Fourth of July cookout. I think it was un-officially the biggest event yet.

Every year we set the stage as relaxed atmosphere with an open invitation to come when/if you feel like it. While I like the relaxed attitude, it makes it impossible to plan. We ran out of everything, bugers, dogs, lemonade, Sangria and even PROPANE for the grill (where were you Hank Hill?). I have no idea how many people showed up, but I would guess that throughout the day, we had anywhere from 50 to 75 people.

It has taken us (me) four years of throwing this party to learn not to take it all on myself. I’ll just go crazy from the stress and break the bank while doing it. It takes a community to throw a party that big. I hope that everyone had fun and would like to throw a shout out to my community that helped us keep the tradition alive:

Thanks to the following:

  •  Both my BIL’s (Brother In Laws)
    • One BIL for providing the awesome tunes. You can check his record collection and DJ stylings here at Queen City Crates.
    • Picture 333
    • The other BIL for always managing the grill. The Husband tends to be too social to suffer the task of paying attention to the cooking. But we can always count on my BIL to be the master of the grill.
    • Picture 347
  • Biscuit for helping me all weekend long AND bringing the liquor, you kept the party going girl.
  • Monkers for ALWAYS being there to help keep things flowing and organized while I run around helpless and hopeless. I am not a hostess by nature, she is.
  • Picture 341
  • Momma T and Padre for showing up. What a great surprise! And Momma T even tried her hand at spinning 45s.
  • Picture 361
  • EVERYONE that brought food. It was all so delicious. Special shout out to my SIL’s mac and cheese- yum.
  • The neighbor for NOT calling the cops this year when our fireworks show was underway.
  • Cory and Zach for supplying The BAC (Big Ass Canopy), Corn hole boards, and all the extras we forget.
We had a great time with lots of corn hole, wiffle ball, home run derby and a fireworks display. Hard to believe we are halfway through summer already!
I’ll leave you with the Sangria recipe, which was the only thing I could claim as making for the party.
White Peach Sangria 
1 bottle white wine (dry Riesling)
4 peaches quartered
1 cup Grand Marnier (I used Triple Sec because I’m cheap)
1 can ginger ale
Mix the first three ingredients together 2-3 hours before serving and refrigerate. Add the ginger ale right before serving.*

*Fourth of July recipe modification per Biscuit – when the sangria is gone, but peaches are left, cover with vodka and hand over your keys.



monkers27 said...

I think that you should include the revised sangria recipe that included a shit ton of vodka. how was that Momma T?

Great party Mars

The Good Cook said...

I'm liking Biscuit's recipe for the peaches and vodka and what the heck is corn hole cuz that sounds down right nasty.

Marci said...

Good Cook, Corn Hole is a MidWestern yard game. Two boards with holes in the top sit opposite each other. Players toss a bean bag (usually filled with dried corn) and try to get it on the board or into the hole. There is into the hole. This is where the name comes from, but it does sound nasty!

Monkers, did you eat some of those peaches? Because I did include the 4 of July revision to the recipe.

Linda said...

Another fun party! Thanks for inviting us and sorry we had to duck out before the fireworks display! Food was awesome, as usual.