Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sammy's Never-Ending Search

Just recently I bought matching ID tags for the Dog and the Cat. These are very durable metal tags with their names and our phone number engraved on the back.

Just Monday I received the new tags in the mail. I immediately went to work, attaching them to the kids’ collars. The next day that I arrived home to find Sammy in a heightened state of alertness. I walk into the living room and she is intensely searching every nearby surface for something. Husband is watching the scene with amusement.

It just so happens that around 6:00 PM the sunlight streams in through the living room window. As Sammy walks through the stream of sunlight, the light reflects off her new ID tag. The reflection inevitably lands just in her peripheral vision. Surprised by this flash of light, she jumps quickly to get a better look. With her sudden movements, the reflection jumps or disappears. We were entertained enough to take the following video.

We soon tired of her relentless attempts and moved on. Even after the sun set, she waited patiently for the light to return, providing her with another opportunity to “GET IT”.

Sure enough Husband called me at 5:45 yesterday to tell me it is now a daily event. She is again positioned near the window, chasing the elusive reflection.

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