Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Caroline update

What? All these posts about my pregnancy are boring and irrelevant to you? You want more pictures of Caroline?

I'm just totally spit balling here, guessing what you people want since NO ONE comments on my blog. HELLLLOOOO INTERNET, anyone out there?

I know this blog is more for me and maybe someday my babies to see what life was like before them and before they remember. So onward I trudge, leaving a littlebit of a fingerprint on the web.

Back to baby girl - she's getting so big. Right now her list of words include the following:
da da and occasionally daddy (Daddy is pronounced DAAAA DEEEEE in the middle of a scream when I'm trying to suck the snot and she is crying for him to save her. Otherwise she refers to him as da da)
Grandpa (pronounce more like pa pah)
Nana (banana)
She is trying to say 'milk' but she gets all the letters mixed up and it sounds like a bunch of Em's and el's.
The cute thing is that she knows what "can you say" means and will attempt to say whatever word follows. The exception is for words that just seem too crazy, like orange. I asked her "can you say orange?" and she looked up and me and nodded.

Below are some of her recent pics that I snapped with my iphone. I only mention how the pics are takend because whenever I hold up the phone to take her picture, she thinks I'm on Facetime with someone and runs over saying "HIIIII" to whomever is on the phone. This makes her hard to catch and capture.

First time in the bike trailer

Sunday morning 'toons


Smiling (I promise you she does this a lot, it's just hard to get the camera out fast enough to capture)

Sitting with Sammy - my guess is that Sammy just succeeded in licking her, hence the face shove. PS, gotta love the bed head.


Anna said...

WOW! Caroline is growing up so fast and is such a good talker! I enjoy reading your blog almost as much as I enjoy drinking adult beverages with you......

Marci said...

Thanks Anna! I enjoy and thorougly miss drinking adult beverages with you!

Anonymous said...

I only love Caroline posts more than Baby Pooper #2 posts because we get PICTURES!! Baby Pooper #2 will eventually make his/her debut (I'm going 'her') and then it will be all tied up.


Mandy Terrett said...


Linda said...

Still reading :) I love these updates! We need to get together soon!