Friday, April 19, 2013

Letters to my second born

Dear Baby Boo, Punkin' puss, Baby 2,

Dear new baby. I am so excited to meet you. I wonder if you will be like your sister or completely different. Being the second born myself, I want to make sure there is as much fanfare and excitement for you as there was for your sister. You will have it better though. We have learned a lot from Caroline. You will be the benefactor of these lessons. I will to be a more confident and capable mother right from the start. I have gotten better at leaning on people, taking care of myself, and letting the little things go.

I am surprised at how quickly I’m showing. Already in elastic pants and barely 3 months pregnant. I sure hope this doesn’t mean I’ll be gaining more weight than with your sister!

We are not finding out if you are a boy or a girl. Its just too fun not to know. Of course Grandpa said it would “shock the hell outta him” if you were a boy. I think he’s bound to have all his direct descendants be female.

I’m starting to feel a little better, but still so very tired. I hope you are growing strong and smart in there. I can’t wait to feel you move!

Love, your momma.

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