Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sneaky Easter Bunny

I woke up at around 2 AM on Easter morning to go to the bathroom and Hubs, who was still up watching TV said, “I have to show you something”. In my groggy state with a full bladder, I wasn’t really interested. He let me go to the bathroom before he led me toward the front door. I figured some crazy neighbors were at it again. Once at the front door, I peeked through the window and saw something taped to the front door.

This is what I saw:

Hubs then explained that there was an Easter Basket for Caroline sitting on the front porch that he promptly brought in. (Ya know, because of the earlier mentioned crazies). How awesome! We noticed one Easter egg that was toddler accessible, and figured the daylight would highlight others. We were grinning ear to ear and began to guess who was playing Bunny this Easter.

While Mema gets Caroline a basket every year, we eliminated her as a suspect because of the computer-generated note taped to the door. She doesn't have easy access to a printer. Our next clue was one of the treats in the basket, homemade chocolate chip cookies. One bite and we knew Momma T (Bubby) made them. Our next question was how did the Easter Bunny deliver said treats? Grandpa and Bubby live a good hour and a half away. We figured Aunt Biscuit was probably a willing accomplice.

The next morning we raced around getting ready for church. En route, I texted Aunt Biscuit asking if she was the Easter Bunny’s assistant. She replied that she had no idea what I was talking about, wink. Ok, so I had my answer. I called Grandpa and Bubby to thank them. Always the sneaky ones, they would not admit to the deed. I just got a bunch of “what are you talking about?” I know them well enough to expect their denial, so I just thanked them profusely despite their objections.

The weather was nasty on Easter, so we didn’t get around to the egg hunt until later in the day, when the rain stopped. She was a champion, and found all the eggs with only a little direction and promptly put them in the basket! Easter



There was only one egg that gave her trouble, it was on the other side of the chain link fence. Instead of going around, she tried to reach her hand through the fence and grab the egg. She did not succeed and collapsed in a frustrated fit. Once I repositioned her, she grabbed that egg with determination. Due to her mini fit, I do not have pictures of that struggle.


I hope you all had as happy an Easter as we did.

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Anonymous said...

My Easter was fun but is even better now.
The Easter Bunny