Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Job!

Typically I avoid talking about work

Today I deviate because things are changing for me.

I am leaving my current job for a new one. My last day sitting in this cube, staring at this MacBook will be next Monday.

I will start my new job, in a new cube, with a (GASP) PC! Goodbye user friendly Apple. Hello laptop with a working delete key!

I will be starting my new job on December 7th. I’m excited, nervous, sad and anxious all at the same time. The new agency is right down the street so I’m hoping I can still meet my friends for lunch, while fearful I might arrive at the wrong building in my pre-caffeinated morning drive.

I think it’s time for a trip down memory lane (names have been ommitted to protect me).

The interesting characters I’ve worked with:
The sleeper – he was a huge guy who would actually fall asleep at his desk. After he got in trouble for that, he would go into a conference room and fall asleep. He would sleep so soundly that he would snore!

The entry-level guy that thought he was smarter than the president of the company. It was overheard that he walked into the president’s office and laid down an agenda for how our office should operate. If I remember correctly, a reader of this blog had a thing for him.

The one guy that walked around with ipod ear buds in his ears to try and mask what he was really doing—eavesdropping. He would wear the same vest to work every day and it stunk. I think they found a lot of porn on his computer after he was fired.

One guy, had his kids in daycare at the same place as his boss that had just gotten let go. One day he saw his ex-boss at daycare. Rather than talk to him, he RAN away. I mean physically ran.

Of course there were the two that had a secret love affair that lasted several years. The secret only ended when they got engaged.

Oh and the things people wore, from the too tight and exposed to the overly adorned. One person came to work with a hairpiece that was reminiscent of Cindy Lauper, circa 1982. Then there was the barely there outfit, a very loose, sheer, patterned blouse that wasn't opaque enough to hide the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. Is that part of the pattern? Nope, that was a nipple. Couple that top with some extremely short shorts and I knew I'd never have to worry about a dress code.

Then there were the names we gave our small communities within cube land:
BOOBs – It’s an acronym, I promise.
Hoe Row
The Cell Block
Bitch Row

There has been so much in the past 5 years that I can't remember all of it now. Needless to say, I’m going to miss them all! I only hope my new work family will be half as dysfunctional.


The Good Cook said...

Wow! A new job!!! Congratulations. I was a little worried when I started reading this post. Thought you might comment on the clients!! What would we do without the cast of characters that put the fun in dysfunction?

Anonymous said...

Loved the recap. Thanks for totally calling me out by the way. In my defense, he was hot. Not much behind the hotness, admittedly, but hot. And he smelled good.

I remember every single one of those events, and believe I actually gasped with you in your cube at each of them. You are going to be amazing at your new job, and I know you will charm the hell out of everyone there, just as you did at your current job.

I miss you!!

Marci said...

Thanks Mo! Miss you too.

Good Cook, my clients are my livelihood, wouldn't have a bad word to say...Ok not a LOT of bad words.