Monday, November 16, 2009

Cat vs Dog

On the weekends, I'm typically the first one awake. On this typical Saturday, I got up and went about my routine, making coffee, letting the sleepy dog outside and petting the cat. The cat is always happy to see anyone in the morning, purring emphatically. The dog, on the other hand, watches me closely to see if I really INTEND to get up. Not until I have gone downstairs and gone to the bathroom without returning to bed, does Sammy decide it is ok to abandon the warm nest she's made and follow me downstairs.

On this particular morning, the dog had already gone out and come back in, only to reclaim her warm spot next to the sleeping husband upstairs. Franklin, who relishes in the quiet morning routine was so cute that I couldn't resist making him a treat. I got out a can of wet food for him. He HEARTS wet food—runs around the kitchen and makes noises that are a weird combination of purrs and meows.

I sat the food down for him to enjoy, barely coming away with 10 fingers intact, and head into the living room to enjoy my own treat—warm coffee and quiet time.

Sitting on the couch, to the left of the tv I can see into the kitchen, to the right of the TV is the stairway to the bedroom. In the kitchen I can see Franklin wolfing down his favorite snack. I turn on the TV as I pick up my yarn and current crochet project. It was only a minute later when I noticed Franklin leaving the kitchen, passing in front of the TV, and head upstairs. I thought this was a little fast, even considering the voracity at which he was attacking the food, but I shrugged it off. It wasn't a full minute later before I heard stirring upstairs.

Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump was the sound of Franklin quickly taking the steps back downstairs. He passes in front of me and makes his way back into the kitchen as I crochet away.

Then the scratch of Sammy's nails on the floor as she stretches, yawns and shakes her ears thwack, thwack, thwack. She makes her way down the stairs, passes in front of me and follows the cats path into the kitchen.

I look up from my project and notice the cat is back at his dish, eating more of his treat. The dog, as she has been trained to do, doesn't disturb the cat, instead she sits pitifully nearby, waiting for her turn to have at the cat's wet food.

I stop for a second and realize what just happened. The cat stopped eating to go upstairs, wake up the dog and taunt her that he had food downstairs. POOR SAMMY.



monkers27 said...

I didn't look at the pic before i read it. I was already laughing but once i saw the picture it was over. Marci that was funny!

Linda said...

I loved this picture when I saw it and love the story that you wrote about it even more.

Anonymous said...

Franky ties to act all debonair, but in all reality, I think he might just be a dick. But we all know he's my favorite cat ever.

Mandy Terrett said...

so funny!