Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nothing Good on TV - Sammy begs to differ

Its a quiet summer evening in the Rinehart household. We've just finished a healthy dinner and are talking about our day. The TV is on more for background noise than entertainment. Jonathan pauses the DVR for a minute while we look at something on my computer. Before we know it Sammy has almost taken the TV out - barking and jumping fervently. What was she all worked up about? We had paused the TV on a close up of a COW.

By the time I get my camera, we lost it (not sure how that happened with DVR and all). She had gotten our attention so below is our attempt at recreating her excitement. Not as surprising as the cow, but she is just as eager.

And what was Franklin doing during all this commotion - Napping in a box of course.

1 comment:

Linda said...

Seriously, you should send these videos in to whoever manufactures your TV...maybe you'll get something free if you gush about how realistic it is...