Friday, June 19, 2009

How does your garden grow?

I am so proud to show you how my baby grass has grown. It is still young and fine but you can see how it has started to fill out. I’m so proud. If this is indicative of motherhood, watch out. You know that Family Guy episode where the guy slams his pictures of his kids into strangers’ faces?

In addition to the grass, I planted some Clematis to try and cover the ugly but functional chain link fence. It doesn’t look like much, but only a month ago it was an inch off the ground. Hopefully by next year it will grow to a lush blanket of blooms hiding the old, rusting fence.

Finally, there is my first attempt at a vegetable garden. It’s a small bed with tomato plants, peppers, cucumber and a couple flowers. I’m a little worried about the cucumber, but we’ll see.


Mo said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Good Job, it looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Looks good Marci! If your cucumber doesn't take, I have a few I can give you. I thinned my bed out last week, but I think there are still too many!

Linda said...

Mrs. Green Thumb....very nice. AND you have Sammy and Franklin to keep the critters out of the garden.